Three lesser known Bruce Springsteen Songs that’ll make you cry

In those deep moments you sometimes just need something that speaks to you on the same level. That’s where Springsteen comes into his own musically, lyrically and almost on a spiritual level. Here are a few jems you may or may not have heard

1. My City of Ruins from “The Rising”

The world is shaking with fear, but something moves further amongst the ruins of those. This is the song for 9/11 the hope through the despair. When you are feeling things are falling apart, this song will make you feel very content. 

2. Hearts of Stone from “Tracks”

“You stare at the mirror, at the lines in your face…” Ive done it too often. Its a song of moving on and picking yourself up from whatever you find yourself in. 

3. Long Walk Home from “Magic”

And it always is. But the everything looks better afterwhile. Just take in whats around you and you can get through it all. 

How to turn 21

Sometimes you just have to think about yourself. A “what do I want” moment. Think hard about your idealistic future and what you want to be to the people who surround you.

The last few birthdays of mine, I have in a shy way kept myself to myself. The occasion marred with exams and work and really missed to an extent. I thought it was me being modest, but it was me being stupid. Sometimes you need to feed yourself and receive your rightful attention by being the person you were created to be.

For me this was putting on a house show and I ended up playing myself. I don’t play in front of people often but there was a beauty to your friends lending their ears to you for an hour of their lives.

Here is a segment of a Bob Dylan cover “Girl From the North Country” courtesy of S. Westwood.


songs that make your day

My friends are some great musicians. They can make a living off it and be really good at busking, playing gigs, putting on a show, traveling around. I can sit in appreciation of what they achieve and because I have the privilege of calling them my friends.

Seeing them chase their dreams warms my heart. Though it is also my cowardly way of seeing to what extent my dreams of playing music are attainable. So one day I can follow a combination of their paths to possibly extract all I want from being a musician in the future. It’s almost like I’m letting them take the risk in life for me.

Today I was feeling quite down. Not for any reason on particular. It was just a tired and pessimistic day. But I saw them in my Facebook feed and thought to give their EP a listen again.

One of their songs jumped out at me. Not musically, but emotionally and gave me a content feeling.

My friends make music far more profound than I ever believed.


(These bones are yours)